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16 Top Qualities to Look For When Hiring New Employees

Trying to find out what employers and hiring managers want isn’t really a big secret. In fact, plenty of them has come out and downright admitted to what they want to see from their potential hires.

So if you’re ready, here are some attributes you need to possess:

  1. Quick responses. Try to be among the first applicants. When you’re contacted, respond ASAP. In other words, try not to waste their time.
  2. Business communication skills. Even if the recruiter’s email message seems abbreviated and casual, respond more formally and use complete words and sentences.
  3. On-time for meetings. Seriously, you don’t look good when you’re late for an interview. So get to your meeting place early, and plan to be there even an hour early if you have to. That’s to prevent snafus like traffic snarls from making you late.
  4. Proper attire. You should look neat, clean, and professional. Don’t look messy or flashy.
  5. Good firm handshake. Don’t be too soft or too hard. If you have sweaty palms, wipe your palm first discreetly before you shake hands.
  6. Verbal communication. Practice what to say to expected questions. Don’t pepper your speech with words such as um and like to fill in the pauses.
  7. Eye contact. It looks like you’re hiding something if you can’t make proper eye contact. But don’t stare at their eyes too long, because it can be misconstrued as a challenge.
  8. Good questions. You should read about the company from online sources, including the company’s website. Then ask more questions about what you’ve found out. Also, ask questions about the job as well.
  9. Enthusiasm. Employers want to know that you want this particular job. They don’t like it as much if you just want any job.
  10. Confidence. Give the impression that you can do the job. But don’t overdo it and become cocky. It’s one thing to be confident, and it’s another to imply that you know more about the job than your potential employer.
  11. Honesty. Don’t embellish your experience or skill set. Employers tend to find out eventually, and it won’t go well for you.
  12. Actual knowledge. Don’t just quote articles or use currently trendy buzzwords. Use your own words to explain how you’ve used the latest innovative methods and ideas.
  13. Experience. Your resume can mention your work experience, and you should be totally familiar with the details of your previous work. When you hesitate on questions regarding your work experience, it’s a red flag for employers.
  14. Not too much emphasis on money. While negotiating for salary is expected, making unreasonable salary requests isn’t appreciated. It makes employers think you’re in it for the money and not for the job.
  15. Courtesy. Be courteous during the interview. Afterward, about a day or two, send a clear and concise thank you letter to each of your interviewers. Cite something specific about what you talked about with each interviewer.
  16. Patience. Once the interview’s done, don’t pester the hiring manager about any news regarding whether you’ll getting the job offer.

Finding the right talent to hire for your company is no easy task, and the job interview is your best chance at determining whether or not they make the cut, but only if you have an interview strategy in place.

These are the things that hiring managers are looking for. Possess them all, and you can stand out and get the job you want.