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4 Top High Paying Technology Side Jobs From Home

When you have the requisite technology skills, your main options are either to work fulltime for a company or to launch your own business. But these aren’t your only options in today’s “gig” economy. You may already be employed and you want a second job on the side. Perhaps you’re a homemaker or a full-time parent looking for some extra income. You may even be already retired and you think IT is a nice challenge that can also boost your retirement fund.

If you wish to earn money, here are the top jobs in the industry that can seriously be worth your while:

1. Web Development And Technology Jobs

Just about every business these days requires a website so that they can promote the business to potential customers. You can start building websites in just a few weeks, which is all the time you need to learn HTML and CSS. Get some knowledge of JavaScript and WordPress, and you can impress more clients. All the info and tutorial programs you need are online, and some of them are even free.

Web development is the top choice for many as it can earn you an average of $75 an hour. Do this full time, and you’re looking at a yearly income of up to $70,000 on average.

2. Web Design Jobs

Web development is about building websites. Web design, however, focuses on how the website looks. You need a look that pleases the potential visitors and customers of a site. In addition, the layout needs to make sense and it should be easy to use and navigate. Take note that your website must look good and work well whether it’s on a PC or a smartphone.

The skills you will need include expertise in Photoshop which edits images and Webflow which helps you create web design layouts. It also pays very well, with an average rate of $74 per hour.

3. Copywriting Jobs

Yes, this doesn’t seem to be a “technical” skill. But what you have to understand is that while all these websites and programs use programming languages, you still need plain old English to communicate with your average user. It doesn’t have to be English though if you want to use foreign languages.

Be good enough to write for websites and apps, and your copywriting skills can get you $69 an hour.

4. SEO Jobs

SEO specialists work closely with web developers and designers to ensure that their website can be seen easily by search engines like Google. It helps if you already have knowledge of web design and development, but you also need specialized knowledge. You should be familiar with keyword research, website analysis and trends, and using your data to boost a site’s rankings on Google.

You should start with Google’s Search Engine Evaluator Guidelines and then become an expert with analytic tools like Webtrends, NetInsight, and Google Analytics.

Help other websites became more popular on Google, and you can earn an average of $66 an hour.

These are the top-paying side hustles in the IT sector today. Sure, there are also other jobs like social media manager, tech support, and quality assurance training but they pay a bit less. If you’re in it for the money, go with the 4 jobs we’ve picked!

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