Full-stack developer

  • Mistral AI
  • Paris/London
  • Full-Time
  • Posted 9 days ago

Job Description

We are hiring a full-stack developer for the following mission:

- Develop user-facing internal and external applications using Mistral AI models for the various purposes enabled by LLM (chatbot, search engines, document answering, …)
- Instrument Mistral AI products with developer-facing tools (e.g. dashboards, evaluation interfaces, …)

The successful candidate has:

- Excellent proficiency in full-stack development (Python/Typescript/Javascript)
- Strong ability to create the smoothest user experience autonomously, for both developer facing and end-user facing products
- Appetite and experience in front-end development, with mastery of one framework such as ReactJS, Svelte, Vue.js, HTMX, …
- Strong ability in back-end development and in the usage of cloud solutions
- Appetite for constructing AI-based solutions, based on e.g. chat APIs, embedding APIs, …

The successful candidate can adapt to new technologies very quickly, and can evolve in a quickly changing developing environment. They are willing to learn the specifics of AI software, and to make the team benefit from their front-end expertise.

The candidate will be fully integrated into the AI development team.

Strong references are needed – in particular, a portfolio of successful projects would be greatly appreciated.

Compensation: Salary starts at 80,000€ and is commensurate with experience.

Join our team and contribute to the cutting-edge of AI application development with your full-stack expertise!