Inference/C++ Backend Engineer

  • Mistral AI
  • Paris
  • Full-Time
  • Posted 9 days ago

Job Description

We are seeking an experienced backend engineer to join our development team.

Your mission will be to:

Pre-Sale & Sales Activities:
- Conduct pre-sale calls to understand potential clients' needs, challenges, and aspirations.
- Lead qualification calls to pinpoint prospects who would gain the most from our solutions.
- Collaborate with the sales team to advance the sales pipeline, providing technical expertise and insights where necessary.

Product Implementation & Integration:
- Guide and support customers in deploying our AI models and products into their infrastructure.
- Work closely with customers to help them fine-tune models according to their specific requirements.
- Assist clients in integrating our APIs into their front-end interfaces, ensuring a smooth user experience.
- Regularly liaise with the product and technical teams to relay feedback and suggest improvements.
- Design and develop product features that would meet the needs of many customers.

Customer Success & Support:
- Continually ensure that the customer is maximising the product's potential.
- Provide post-deployment support, addressing any issues or challenges that arise promptly.
- Conduct periodic reviews with customers to ascertain their satisfaction and gather feedback.
- Offer recommendations for product optimisations or new features based on customer feedback.
- Develop these features if needed.

Required Skills & Qualifications:
- PhD / master in AI / data science.
- Strong coding skills with proficiency in Python
- Broad understanding of software engineering principles and infrastructure
- Passion for AI, with a constant drive to stay updated and ahead of the curve.
- Proven experience in product implementation in AI or machine learning products.
- Strong communication skills with an ability to explain complex technical concepts in simple terms.
- Demonstrated ability to manage projects and lead them to successful completion.
- Proficient in understanding and developing code.
- Familiarity with front-end interfaces and integration processes.
- Ability to work collaboratively in a team environment.